Bea Barkos

She was born in 1957 in the city of Szeged, Hungary.

“At the beginning of her career, she graduated first from early history but later she found the best ways of expressing herself in the field of fine arts. She has been working with enamel since 1995. She uses all the possibilities given by this technique: graphics, painting, creased and alloyed enamelling. Her works testify to her affection for prehistory but, at the same time, modern trends are also present.” (Dr. Zsuzsanna Máté)

“Her works originate from our national culture, its imagery and the imaginary world, which is our most cherished treasure. Our past and present are interwoven within it and it ensures our national identity. Our national culture is a value created, formed and passed on by generations over thousands of years. Our past is full of struggles and our present is restless, however our culture has been improved in our fight for survival. Through the enamel works of Beáta Barkos we can have a glimpse at the imaginary world of an artist who is motivated by her own revolutionary ideas, always follows her own paths, and experiments constantly. The strength of her work lies in the clarity of its source. She shows us that there is a pure world originating from the mishmash of crystals of our past and borne by a colorful imagination, which has its roots in our past, nourishes our present and takes us towards our future.” (Dr. István Andó)

In her works, impressions of the surrounding world appear as modern spatial compositions. She likes to design and produce jewels and transforms simple consumer goods into enamel products by which she creates new links between the archaic world and recent adventures.

She has been presenting her work at national and international exhibitions both by herself and with colleagues since 1996.   Her works can be found mostly in Hungary, but also in various countries of Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States of America. One of her works is on public show in the Borbála Spa Baths in Algyő. In 2010 she was given the Szeged Award for Creativity. She is the founder of the Tápé Enamel School where she is also an advisor. A founding member of the ‘Kép-Tér’ Creative Group. She has been, and still is, the leader of several enamel works courses and art camps.

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