Miklós Simon

Born in 1937 in the city of Szeged, Hungary. The painter started enamelling in the ’70s, in Zebegény. Miklós Simon is one of the founders of the Masters Educational Group and the (Szeged) Corporation of Fine Arts. He obtained the Berki Viola Prize (2004) and the Szeged Award for Creativity.

”His deliberate objective always remains the delimitation of the world with definite planes. Through the use of deep fiery colours he is able to push forward a sense of the creation of order through geometric shapes and this is best illustrated already in his early paintings ”In the Courtyard” and ”New Bridge”, with which he achieved international success at an exhibition in Paris. In his paintings unity is achieved through the amalgamation of colour and form which transpose the artists thought, observation and spirit in a style that imparts a sense of meditative rapture reminiscent of icon paintings.” (Endre Dér in ”The Artists Dialogue”, Hungarian Journal of Art, 1967)

„According to critical appreciations in Germany Miklós Simon imparts a ’tenderness of feeling’ through the powerful and expressive use of colour in his compositions. It is clear that the style of the 20th Century artists Rounaul, Kokoschka and Josef Egry have influenced the painter. Light is depicted with a determinative power in his oil paintings, pastels, water colours and enamels. His Ars Poetica: ’ The depiction of light presents a pictorial challenge for me as it weaves through our lives and the universe we inhabit. Life is light, it is the pure spring to which we can return to bathe. Light and creation are necessary to enrich our lives with a sense of more abundance and compassion.’ „(Péter Nyilas in „Light is the pure spring…”, Délmagyarország, 9 May 1988).
Miklós Simon expresses his transcendental and general human feelings on his enamels. He applies all sorts of this art. For the most part, his large-sized mural enamels give expression to the most important contexts of our time and history.

Tapei tuzzomanc fuzet_Simon

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